The Dreamy Content Experience

Step into an unforgettable experience with Dreamy Content, where we specialize in crafting timeless memories, ready to be revisited again and again. We cherish every dreamy moment that unfolds before us, capturing the essence of your once-in-a-lifetime day, with love, purpose, and artistic flair.

While you immerse yourself fully in the moment, we work diligently behind the scenes to document and curate content that will endure a lifetime. Within just 24 hours, you'll receive raw behind-the-scenes footage, offering you the freedom to utilize it in any way your heart desires! 



I’m so happy you're here! My name is Heather, and I am both the founder of Dreamy Content and one of the pioneering wedding content creators in both North & South Carolina.

Having recently embarked on my own journey through the wedding process, coupled with my passion for content creation, I deeply resonate with your desire to capture every moment of your special day. It was during my own wedding experience that I realized the significance of documenting those memories that might otherwise slip away. In the whirlwind of wedding planning, a dear friend in social media graciously offered to capture behind-the-scenes footage for us. The result? Countless iPhone photos and videos that captured the essence of our day in vivid detail. This sentimental experience was not only cherished, but also served as a catalyst for recognizing a gap in the wedding industry.

Coming from my firsthand experiences as both a guest and bridesmaid at numerous weddings, I envisioned the transformative impact of providing couples with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in their celebration. With my discreet presence and creative eye, you can trust that every moment and emotion will be delicately captured. It would be my greatest honor to serve as your storyteller, ensuring that every fleeting moment is documented!

dreamy content for your dreamy day

dreamy content for your dreamy day




SUMMER & Dayton




  • 6 hours of consecutive on-site shooting with iPhone 15 Pro 
  • Includes Full Gallery 
  • ONE Edited Highlight Video
  • Raw Footage Delivered Within 24 Hours
  • Meeting 2-4 Weeks Out From Event



Add on Services

 ( Rehearsal Dinner / Welcome Party )

( Special Event Package )

We would love to document your rehearsal/welcome party to make sure no moment is left behind. This includes 3 hours of on-site coverage, meeting to discuss content goals, full gallery of raw content, and 1 edited highlight video to encapsulate your event!  

If you want to customize a package and add on extras hours, no big deal! We can add on extra hours for your special day. 




  • 8 hours of consecutive on-site shooting with iPhone 15 Pro 
  • Includes Full Gallery 
  • TWO Edited Highlight Videos
  • Raw Footage Delivered Within 24 Hours
  • Meeting 2-4 Weeks Out From Event


  • 10 hours of consecutive on-site shooting with iPhone 15 Pro 
  • Complimentary Polaroids
  • Includes Full Gallery 
  • THREE Edited Highlight Videos
  • Raw Footage Delivered Within 24 Hours
  • Meeting 2-4 Weeks Out From Event
  • 12 hours of consecutive on-site shooting with iPhone 15 Pro 
  • Complimentary Polaroids
  • Includes Full Gallery 
  • FOUR Edited Highlight Videos
  • Raw Footage Delivered Within 24 Hours
  • Meeting 2-4 Weeks Out From Event



( Extra Hours Coverage )

If you are interested in an event other than your rehearsal dinner/welcome party and wedding day, we got you! This can be including, but not limited to bridal showers, bachelorette parties, bridal luncheon/tea, bachelorettes, post wedding brunch, and more! 

Love Letters

"If you're looking for someone who's like your best friend to be by your side throughout your wedding day and capture all of the raw, behind the scenes, authentic moments in photos/videos - Heather is your girl!! Not only did she deliver an album of 1,000+ photos/videos to us the morning after our wedding to relieve our special day, she was by our side the entire day and helping with whatever was needed. She was the first to offer to help however needed beyond just capturing candid photos/videos, and she made sure everything ran as seamlessly as possible. She is so talented in capturing authentic content and creating meaningful short videos. We are so grateful for all of the genuine and beautiful moments she captured on her iPhone for us and feel like we get to relieve our wedding day all over again & see things we would've missed otherwise. I could not recommend Heather enough for any and all things wedding content - she has a heart of gold and you'll be so grateful to have her by your side for these memorable moments!"


Love Letters

" I didn’t even know I needed a content creator for my wedding until Heather!!! Now I don’t know how someone could get married without one. She captured so many behind the scenes moments that I will treasure forever. It was so fun to relive the day through her content - even to this day I will scroll through the amazing moments she captured. She is also really fun and easy going! I loved working with her - an easy decision for any bride!!! "


Love Letters

" If you’re hesitating to hire a content creator for your wedding - this is your sign! Heather was one of the very best decisions I made for our big day. Not only did she capture every single moment of our day and the night before, but she was also so fun to be around. She was professional, kind, and graceful all the way through and made everything so easy. She sent us soooo much content literally the day after the wedding so we could relive our day all over again. I am forever grateful to Heather and couldn’t imagine not having her there! Would recommend a million times over!! "


01 | Will you replace a videographer?

At Dreamy Content, we complement rather than replace the invaluable work of a videographer. Our expertise lies in capturing authentic moments using an iPhone, ensuring that every photo, short form video, and elongated video captures the essence of your special day. These genuine moments serve as cherished keepsakes, ready for you to reflect upon, share on your social platforms, or treasure with your loved ones. In addition, we carefully curate edited highlight videos that represent your dreamy day! 


02 | Do you travel for weddings?

We would love to! Our approach to travel fees is one of flexibility and customization, tailored to suit your unique wedding events and destination. Whether it entails airfare or mileage and accommodations, we take care of every logistical detail to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for you. At Dreamy Content, we view it as a priviledge to document your destination wedding, transforming fleeting moments into timeless treasures that will be cherished for a lifetime.


03 | Do you work with my media team?

Absolutely, we adore teaming our services with your other media vendors! Throughout the day, we will harmoniously collaborate, ensuring every moment is captured seamlessly. While respecting their expertise, I will selectively capture details that catch my creative eye. We will probably become besties by the end of your wedding day! 


04 | What is your process? 

You can begin the Dreamy Content Experience by inquiring to ensure your date is open! You will then receive an email regarding our availability and what the next steps are, ensuring our services align seamlessly with your vision. We will collaborate via email or over the phone, tailored to your preference. Upon readiness to formalize our services, I will provide you with a bespoke proposal, accompanied by a meticulously crafted agreement, and deposit that expires within a designated seven-day period.




Capture the organic and unscripted moments from one of the most significant days of your life, so you can relive it over & over.

( 01 )

Document & curate content to last a lifetime, while you are completely present with your friends & family. 

( 02 )

Deliver all raw footage within 24 hours and edited footage within 48 hours of the end of your wedding day directly into a shared file. 

( 03 )

INQUIRE Through the embedded links

YOU receive a proposal, Agreement, & Deposit 


CONTENT Commenses

content delivered within 24 hours via shared file


As a recent bride, I understand the emotions that come with wedding planning. One of my greatest joys is uplifting and empowering my brides, making them feel truly radiant and confident. With me by your side, you can relax, embrace the moment, and allow your authentic self to shine through. 

Here's to celebrating your unique love story and capturing the magic of your dreamy day together!


Fun Facts

NO. 1 

Heather received her Masters DEGREE in 2022, tHEN STARTED DREAMY CONTENT IN 2023!

NO. 2

Heather's drinks of choice are lattes, Coca Cola, and an aperol spritz.

NO. 3

Heather's favorite place she's ever been to is Capri, Italy.

NO. 4

Heather's favorite shows are Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy.

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